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Sam Cunliffe Episode 001

Holistic High Performance Podcast EP001—Sam Cunliffe

Show Notes

Become the Author of Your Own Story—with Sam Cunliffe

Most of us see ourselves as the main character in our story, and we react to our circumstances based on subconscious programming. But what if we have the power to become the author of our own story as well? What if we can create our own reality and make the choice to be happy in any situation? 

Sam Cunliffe is a world-class athlete, setting the world record in the long jump at the age of 11 and then becoming one of the top 30 high school basketball players in the country by his senior year of high school. Sam graduated from Rainier Beach High in Seattle, WA in 2015, where his team won the state championship and he was named State Player of the Year. He went on to play college ball at Arizona State, Kansas and the University of Evansville.

On this episode of Holistic High Performance Podcast, Sam joins Daniel to share his experience growing up in an athletic family and describes the challenges he faced as a standout high school basketball player. He walks us through his college career, describing how he was influenced by other people’s opinions and temporarily lost his joy for the game—until he learned to let go of expectations and be grateful for what IS right now. Listen in for Sam’s insight on taking responsibility for your emotions and learn how YOU can write a story of peace and self-acceptance, no matter what’s going on in the outside world.

What You Will Learn 

  • Sam’s experience growing up as the only boy in a big, athletic family 
  • What inspired Sam’s transition from track to basketball at the age of 11
  • The challenges Sam faced as a standout high school basketball player
  • How being influenced by other people’s expectations led Sam to leave Arizona State for Kansas
  • Why Sam lost the joy of playing basketball at Kansas and started partying to escape
  • What Sam learned at Evansville about being happy in any situation and how that translated to the court
  • How losing his identity as a basketball player during COVID inspired Sam’s awakening
  • How working with a holistic coach is helping Sam become the author of his own story
  • How to let go of expectations and accept and be grateful for what IS right now
  • Sam’s decision not to return to Evansville for his senior year and what he is growing into now
  • How we can take responsibility for our emotions and respond rather than react to our circumstances
  • How Sam thinks about applying what he has learned in an NBA setting

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Holistic High Performance Podcast EP002—Melanie Roach

Show Notes

Treat Every Training Session Like Your Last—with Melanie Roach

Early in her weightlifting her career, Melanie Roach struggled to stay present on the international stage and had to withdraw from the 2000 Olympic Trials. But once she mastered the art of gratitude and started treating every training session like her last, Melanie found the joy in every day—and her performance in competition soared. Not only that, she became a better mother, wife, entrepreneur and coach.

Melanie placed fifth for Team USA in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, making every lift and setting an American record. She also set a world record in 1998 as the first woman to clean and jerk more than double her body weight and went on to compete in the 2016 Olympic Trials at the age of 41. Melanie is the mother of five children and ran her own gymnastics gym for 20-plus years.

On this episode of Holistic High Performance Podcast, Melanie joins Daniel to discuss what motivated her transition from competitive gymnastics to weightlifting and describe her struggles in international competitions early on. She explains how her son’s autism activated the mindset of gratitude she brought to the weight room in preparation for the 2008 Olympic Trials and shares the electric experience of competing in Beijing. Listen in for Melanie’s insight on returning to competition at the age of 41 and learn how YOU can apply her philosophy of 100% presence in your personal and professional life!

What You Will Learn

The injury that motivated Melanie’s transition from competitive gymnastics to weightlifting

Why Melanie had a hard time committing to weightlifting despite early success on a national stage

How a lack of mental strength caused Melanie to struggle in international competitions

How Melanie recovered from having to withdraw from the 2000 Olympic Trials

What inspired Melanie’s return to weight lifting in 2005 and the community that rallied to support her dream

How her son’s autism activated a mindset of gratitude that Melanie brought to the weight room

How treating each training session like her last, helped Melanie find the joy in every day leading up to the 2008 Olympic Trials and how she applies that 100% presence to other aspects of life

Melanie’s electric experience placing fifth at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing

The life changing accident at Melanie’s gym when gymnast Jacoby Miles was paralyzed

How Melanie came to win the 2015 American Open and compete in the 2016 Olympic Trials at the age of 41

Why Melanie credits the emotional strength she built in holistic training with helping her recognize the opportunity to sell her gym and be more present with her children

Connect with Melanie Roach

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Holistic High Performance Podcast EP003—Kier Schumaker

Show Notes

Build Resilience with Neurovascular Release—with Kier Schumaker

Where are you stuck in your body? As athletes, we turn to body work to ease restrictions and improve our mobility. But only neurovascular release (NVR) addresses the underlying causes of our stuck-ness, helping us rehabilitate old injuries and prevent new ones. So, how does NVR work to cultivate resilience and fine tune our bodies for high performance?

With two decades of experience as a manual practitioner, Kier Schumaker is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Board Certified Structural Integrator and Certified Teacher of Anatomy Trains SI. For the past eight years, Kier has been teaching their own unique curriculum on neurovascular release, and they serve as the Director of the NVR Advanced Certification Program. Since COVID, they have adapted their approach to balancing the body to work with clients in remote sessions online.

On this episode of Holistic High Performance, Kier joins Daniel to explain how the injuries they sustained as an athlete led to their interest in body work. They describe how structural integration helped them achieve more mobility, but neurovascular release work addressed the underlying issues and facilitated more permanent change. Listen in for insight on why we get stuck in our bodies and learn how Kier’s online trainings can help you resolve those restrictions with NVR.

What You Will Learn 

  • How the injuries Kier sustained as an athlete led to their interest in body work
  • The other modalities Kier tried to alleviate their pain before discovering structural integration
  • How Kier describes SI as landing somewhere between physical therapy and massage
  • How SI helped Kier release their compensations but didn’t address their underlying issues
  • Why the subtle touch of osteopathic techniques has such a profound effect on movement
  • What inspired Kier to develop their own neurovascular release protocol
  • What differentiates NVR from other modalities and how it facilitates more permanent change
  • How sprinters, golfers and pitchers can benefit from NVR techniques
  • How Kier shifted her practice during COVID to train practitioners on NVR in a virtual setting
  • How Kier is teaching people a version of the tiger stripes technique to use on themselves
  • The 4 reasons why we get stuck in our bodies and how NVR resolves such restrictions

Connect with Kier Schumaker

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Kier’s Neurovascular Release Online Course

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