Identify past physical injuries and release their strain through structural integration.


Further integration to restore your body’s natural and balanced state.


Strengthen your body as a whole and overcompensating will be a thing of the past.


Perform your best whether you’re an all-star athlete or you just want to be comfortable at your desk.

The Elements of Holistic High Performance

Holistic High Performance incorporates components of the Hellerwork Structural Integration practice, while paying special attention to the correlation and important role of human emotion.



Embrace the body you have been given and identify it’s capabilities.



Explore your potential when you have a positive mental attitude towards each goal that you are aiming to accomplish.



Center yourself and find the spiritual fire within you to help you accomplish your dreams.


Human Emotion

Identifying and treating past traumas are vital to the success of your holistic performance and achievements.

Hellerwork Structural Integration

Wellfit Brain Program

For Mental, Emotional and Neurological Balance
“The sessions themselves were deeply relaxing but the benefit is that I have so much more energy.
My extreme fatigue of the past 16 years has significantly limited what I can accomplish in a day,
and it is such a pleasure to go through the day with more ease and joy.”
– Carol K

Wellfit Body Program

For Health, Healing, Pain Relief, Performance and Recovery 

“I highly recommend Holistic High Performance for everyone.

I went in for sports performance and am still going for quality of life.

You will move better and perform better.”

– Donna P

Happy Customers

Bottom line, if you want to bring your body back to homeostasis in order to optimize where you're at or where you're going, I strongly recommend and encourage you to see Dan and his associates [at Holistic High Performance]!

Coach James Laurence

Head Coach/Owner - Legerity Sports Performance

Having been worked on as an athlete in the USA and internationally at masters track meets, I know first hand that Holistic High Performance is of the highest caliber of body work specialists. Dan has most recently recovered my body from accident and injury. As a USATF Level 3 Speed coach I recommend every athlete I encounter make an appointment.

Gail Kuhnly

USTAF Level 3 Speed Coach

Holistic High Performance looks to reintegrate people, rebalance and restore them to health and their optimum performance.

Shane Hoefsloot

Wellness Northwest

Go to Holistic High Performance to have your body optimized to levels that you never thought it could be. This product is off the charts!

Coach Mike Cunliffe

Owner - Seattle Speed

The practitioners at Holistic High Performance stand by your side, bravely walking with you, allowing you to reevaluate your body and encourage it to perform in a new way

Michael Street

Owner - Fulcrum Training Hall


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