What We Do

We help you identify the importance behind true holistic high performance and walk you through the science behind the proven methods of the structural integration process.


Holistic High Performance is made up of the four components of body, mind, spirit and human emotion. A common universal goal is to make the most of our life here on earth. A huge piece of that is being able to stay strong, healthy and maintain endurance as our bodies continue to age. Holistic High Performance provides the coaching and therapy necessary in order to align your body, mind and soul and help you achieve the things you never thought were possible.

How is Holistic High Performance achieved?

We embark on a customized 12-step process with each one of our clients depending upon their current condition and the goals they are seeking to achieve. We work with our clients to take a look into both the whole and individual parts that make up the strength of their unique body. We work to release pressure from past injuries and shift the perspective that your body is a machine and more so that it is a beautifully functioning system with high potential. By utilizing the metrics of Hellerwork Structural Integration combined with our decades of experience, we’re excited to show you how to achieve your body’s potential!


The Hellerwork method was created by Joseph Heller as an expansion off of Rolfing and intending to strengthen the correlation between the body, mind and spirit components of your body’s potential.


As our process is tailored uniquely to each individual, we pride ourselves in being able to provide the most progressive and relevant explorations in medicine that contribute to full body alignment and performance. Through the latest findings in vibrational medicine, having the equipment for frequency specific micro-current therapy and more, we are able to complement structural integration as it relates to the brain, nervous system, sensory input and its correlation with the body at large. Explore professional athlete level therapy and discover the wonders it will do to your rebalanced body!