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The last few months have seen huge changes in the world and our daily lives because of the Covid-19 Virus. At Holistic High Performance we have been using this time of change as an opportunity for growth and refinement to better serve our clients. 

Holistic High Performance Newsletter

In September 2020, we are launching the new monthly Holistic High Performance Newsletter to better stay in contact with our clients and those who are interested in what we have to offer. Our newsletter will highlight; new products and services we are offering, helpful health and wellness tips, upcoming blog posts, and client case studies which highlight the results we are able to help our clients achieve.

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Holistic High Performance Virtual Clinic

We understand that many people, especially immune compromised and our senior clients are still concerned about social distancing and are limiting outside contact.  We are delighted to soon be offering our new Holistic High Performance Virtual Clinic to help these people and others who are not geographically available to work with us. 

We have spent months working with a world leader in the field of Neurovascular Release to develop a Self-Care Educational program to relieve tension in the head, neck, thorax, back, and hips. This program is completely customized to you and taught in 4 one hour Zoom sessions, so you can learn how to do these techniques on your own. Check back soon for more details as we prepare to launch this new service.

Holistic High Performance Labs

We are expanding our space and offerings with the new Holistic High Performance Labs. We are currently renovating Suite 102 in our building to create this new office space that will offer the most scientifically proven and advanced technology used by professional and world class athletes to enhance recovery and improve performance.

In September 2020 at the Holistic High Performance Labs we will be introducing two exciting new services as part of our WellFit program.

Each WellFit program has been carefully researched, incorporating proven therapies from around the world, either supported by published research or by strong anecdotal efficacy, to help optimize health, fitness, and function.

Whether you are seeking peak performance, recovery from an acute injury, relief from a chronic condition, or struggling with mental/emotional issues, one of our upcoming WellFit programs is designed to benefit you.

Our core WellFit Body program is designed to help stimulate detoxification, boost energy, lower inflammation, reduce stress, relieve pain, improve sleep, enhance lymphatic circulation, and upgrade your overall health and fitness. Each session is 90 minutes and has a cumulative benefit.

In contrast, our WellFit Pain Relief program differs from our WellFit Body program by incorporating additional therapies recognized for their ability to help specifically with pain issues. Most people will find our WellFit Body program sufficient in resolving their pain issues. However if the pain is persistent then our WellFit Pain Relief program can be beneficial. Each session is 90 minutes and also has a cumulative benefit.

Our third WellFit program that will be offered in the coming months is our advanced WellFit Brain program. It builds upon all the benefits of our core WellFit Body program while more fully integrating our relationship between body and brain; physical, mental and emotional; for a transformative experience often with life changing results.

We’re enthusiastic about the future and very excited about helping you reach for and achieve your health and fitness goals.

Holistic High Performance Podcast

We are currently in production of the Holistic High Performance Podcast, were you can listen to interviews with experts in the fields of Health, Wellness, and Fitness as we explore cutting edge ideas on how to live your best life and reach your highest level of performance. We are planning for a Fall 2020 launch of this exciting new podcast, check back late for more details.

In Summary

As you can see we have been busy here at Holistic High Performance during these changing times. It is our hope the changes we are making will keep us all healthy and help to better serve our clients. 

With all of these changes we will be engaging in a more active presence on our social media channels. To stay update about what we are up to you can

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Daniel Christofferson

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